Monday, April 27, 2009


Hi & good morning. Just a little about me & why I write this blog. I started blogging on Yahoo 360 a little over a year ago (;_ylt=AhDjujkZPyWG.BdpTwPo2mq0AOJ3?cq=1). It began as a blog recounting and raising questions about the I-35W bridge collapse and evolved into general issue advocacy. Facts & questions not reflections. I began this bobmeek blog to tell more personal stories. I was reluctant at first, as in, who would care what I've done or think, but changed my mind after a trip to Tucson, AZ. A popular attraction just outside of Tucson is a rocky area and stream bed where folks 10,000 years ago trekked on their journeys. Some of them left marks/drawings on the rocks. Today's guides interpret the possible meaning of the drawings as 1) I was here, 2) here's what I see in the sky, 3) I'm leaving food for future visitors hidden in a cave over there, 4) danger, etc. Like a flash of light, personal blogging suddenly made sense.

I think about the extraordinary opportunities and teachers I have had in my 55 years. Among those I've learned so much from and owe so much to: my mom and dad, my sister, my niece and nephew, my grandparents, Richard Moe, D.J. Leary, Hank Fischer, Patrick Marx, John Marty, Bob Hurner, Kaye Roan, Nancy Farnham, Betty South, Al Saunders, Hubert Humprhey, Ted Grindal, Michele Grindal, Lori Sturdevant, Bill Salisbury, B. J. French, Steve Pistner, Walter Mondale, Linda Jadwin, Maxine Issacs, Vance Opperman, Warren Spannaus, Bob Hentges, Mary Monahan, Karl Struble, Ellen Struble, Jon Max, Glenn Totten, Joan Growe, Elaine Voss, Steve Novak, Susan Stuart Otto, Tom Horner, John Ewoldt, Larry Charles, Steve Martin, Bill Frame, Steve Shank, Sara Meyer, Gary Eichten, Ron Groat, Bob Deboer, Kathy Deboer, Steve Endean, Ned Crosby, Virginia Sweeney, Jim Dickenson, Ruth Orrick, David Walsh, Char Wegleitner, Mr. Dwight Opperman, Tom Moran, Linda Holstein, Mary Sicilia, Vicki Eaklor, Mona Schmidt, Blois Olson, Nat Bennett, Lou Ann Olson, David Erickson, Laurie Hobbs, Kathy Tunheim, Sean Kershaw, Ahmed Tharwat....this list of kind and generous people who have given so much to me is numerous, incomplete, and, God willing, will grow and continue. My life's many errors are mine alone. I owe so very many of my extraordinary opportunities to these wonderful people. Thank you all.

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