Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ambitious Speculation: M4change Partnership?

Just a speculation...draft-only, work-in-progress, comments encouraged

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What If: M4change Partnership?

What about engineering/leading a (next step) M4change evolutionary partnership?

Imagine that the Internet is the (infant) linkage of a new common brain. Twitter, YouTube and such are fire-up mechanisms.

What if: U of M/UW-Madison, Mayo, Medtronic & the Minnesota Learning Resource Center formed an M4change partnership to speed the linkages into the neurons of our actual brains?

Have seen the local (A Chance To Grow) human and national/international (monkeys) use of brain waves for bio-feedback, to play electronic video games and to obtain food.

Medtronic I think has figured out how to hook-in their pain therapy mechanics to our brains.

M4change could make our region the "New Eden" (the phrase real estate speculators used to promote MN settlement in the mid-1800s) of 21st century human/machine (bio-tech) advancement?

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